About Us

About Us

Give Us Life Animal Welfare

Give Us Life Animal Welfare is a non-profit organization working for the facilitation of outdoor animals: regardless of breed. Our basic aim is to help and rescue the animals in need, to give them suitable medical treatment (with the consultancy of a qualified Vet.) and fostering until they get adopted through proper channel (via legal contract).

We have dealt with more than 2000 cases during last 6 years by accommodating them in our temporary foster home until they got fully recovered and adopted or released back to their natural environment.

Our Vision

Majorly we are working on the development of a shelter that will provide fostering, food, basic medication and emotional aid to the homeless animals. We believe that in Pakistan there is an utter need of Large animal Sanctuaries and Shelters to provide animals a quality life. We are working for this purpose with full dedication as animals and their comfort is our main focus.

Our Mission

Right now we are running our organization with the help of voluntarily working members. We have volunteers and members in 3 major cities (Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi). We are trying to expand the network of volunteers all over Pakistan. We are also working to get sponsorships and financial support from funding agencies to hire paid staff to work in a more productive way.

Our Objectives

We have intentions to deal with the cases regarding mistreatment and mishandling of domestic and outdoor animals.

To take the pet under our custody with collaboration of reliable government authorities if the owner, breeder, shelter, fosterer, zoo, safari park or shopkeeper is not taking good care of the animal.

To conduct campaigns and deliver lectures at different institutes, companies, societies to raise awareness and donation

To stop animal fight, ear/tail cropping, piercing, declawing, violent treatment during the training sessions for circus and road shows in which animals like monkeys dogs, goats, camels, equines and bears are involved.

Proposing new policy claiming better Animal rights via legal course.

Demoting and banning unlicensed breeding, unplanned/planned killing in the name of culling and recreational hunting of any animal.

Proposing new policy claiming better Animal rights via legal course. Proposing a law under which breeding of imported and rare animals should be banned except for breeding license holders and a price list attested by government mentioning specific checkup fees for every breed and reasonable prices of pet food and basic accessories for vet, retailer and wholesaler.

Requesting a department to be made by government which would be working under law dealing with complaints regarding of customers/owners against any vet, over loading of donkey carts, animal abuse of any kind or any retailer, breeders or whole seller not following the registered price list.

Collaborations with other organizations for different campaigns such as TNVR (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release.